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The chain stars, the leader in global innovation, is a community that develops and supports Blockchain technologies.

It brings together promising ideas, visionary entrepreneurs and qualified investors under the same roof. The platform, which offers success-oriented and permanent solutions for the business world, provides a comfortable and enjoyable career path for star candidates.

The Chain Stars provide unprecedented privileges and enhance the motivation of entrepreneurs as well as a personalized work plan. It aims to empower members in their own fields by strengthening ideas through a network of financial support, marketing and public relations.

Sectoral trainings continue to advance rapidly thanks to the platform and professional staff shaped within the framework of team consciousness and leadership spirit. It offers an understanding of economics with a high level of prosperity in both individual and country contexts, and envisages realizing all of these in the educational level.

What is Crypto?

Our Ecosystem and Products

As The Chain Stars Group, we provide sectoral solutions with our
products and eco system and we are constantly developing new projects.


The angel of the global power is the most effective result of the investment system. It provides investment and marketing opportunities to entrepreneurs with the power gained from Blockchain technology.

It provides services to its owners in areas such as marketing, software, finance, public relations and media and strengthens their internet projects with a multidimensional support network. It is aimed to reach the financial freedoms of the entrepreneurs brought together with investors.

Innovation and technology-oriented ideas are transformed into a long-term investment model by financial freedom. Enabling entrepreneurship ecosystem vision, The Chain Startups is crowning the right ideas with effective investments.



The Chain Donation is the independent and benefit-oriented social responsibility platform of the next-generation entrepreneurship club The Chain Stars. Blockchain-based The Chain Donation is based on cross-country collaboration and sharing without the need for third parties. The aid process held at the base of the accounting blockchain is based on trust, speed and transparency.

Leading the embassy status The Chain Stars leaders, coordinate the aids that are closed to manipulation. Home, school, clothing, supplies, public fountains and many similar benefits are shared without a call for profit. The helpers can follow the process in the chain until the help reaches the targeted point. In order to receive academic support in the field of software, contacts with qualified universities are carried out.


Mining is a digital money system that allows a person to earn significant gains by mining in their own habitat. Graphics cards decode and activate digital coins. The mining network is seen as the heart of the crypto-money industry. The process consists of the creation of digital coins, the approval of the transfer of digital funds and the introduction of the market.

The Chain Mining provides its own mining earnings through fully-equipped devices. Thanks to this powerful technical support, people can continue their operations without considering the possible malfunctions of the equipment. Mining and electrical and maintenance costs are eliminated. The gain continuously gains a safe and permanent dimension.



Bitpapel Exchange is a stock exchange system covering the concept of crypto money. While shaping the dynamics and user habits of the modern age, the crypto coins are transformed into each other and the buy / sell operations are performed. All transactions are carried out with a very low commission fee. Bitcoin and other digital coins can be converted to cash in the stock market environment based on the automation system.

Bitpapel Exchange, which converts digital currencies that serve high-volume currencies as well as small-scale operations, provides services in light of the information offered to investors. The system, which performs the process with the lowest commission and in the most reliable way, stands out as the permanent profit oriented crypto money exchange.


The Chain Ads; Thanks to its superior advantages, powerful technologies and professional infrastructure, it is a reliable option. The system attracts attention with its contributions to the increase of publications related to the crypto money sector. Within the framework of these publications, it is aimed to provide sectoral development by emphasizing the crypto money dynamics.

The Chain Ads, the primary choice of those who want to bring their potential ideas to the relevant audiences in the industry, creates point-shoot solutions through their professional targeting strategy. While increasing the level of expertise of the publications with advanced analysis and reporting options, it provides a new dimension to the crypto money sector thanks to its ability to reach wide mass with appropriate budget.

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June 2018
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Technical Studies
July 2018
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August 11-12, 2018
August 11-12, 2018
October 20, 2018
BitPapel Exchange Beta Account Application
November 1, 2018
BitPapel Exchange
Professional Trading
December 2018
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January 2019
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